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Kinemetrics - Digital Recorders
GraniteFirst Product of ROCK Family of Digital Multi-channel Data Acquisition Systems. This instrument offers high dynamic range for up to 36 channels with exemplary timing accuracy and spectral purity.
DolomiteThe Dolomite is a highly flexible, full-featured Central Recording System populated with IP based Granite Data Acquisition units and accessories to support up to 36 channels, triggered or continuous recording, and sampling rates up to 2000 sps.
BasaltHigh Dynamic Range, IP Aware, Communication Centric Accelerograph or Multi-channel Recorder with internal Episensor. The next evolution in Kinemetrics Strong Motion Instrumentation offers exceptional high dynamic range with exemplary timing accuracy.
EtnaThe Etna is a cost-effective Strong Motion Accelerograph designed to meet a wide range of earthquake monitoring applications.
Q330HRThe Q330HR sets a new standard, requiring 26-bit resolution to fully represent its dynamic range while remaining 100% compatible with our Q330.
BASALT 4X/8XHigh Dynamic Range, IP Aware, Communication Centric Multi-channel Recorder. The next evolution in Kinemetrics' data acquisition instrumentation offers exceptional high dynamic range with exemplary timing accuracy.
Q330The Q330 is an advanced, IP based, ultra-low power and high resolution remote seismic system that incorporates Quanterra's patented broadband technology. With optional PB44 Packet Baler, a field-ready high capacity recording system, Q330 and PB44 support a wide range of earthquake monitoring configurations.
Q330SThe Q330S is an advanced , high resolution and low-power seismic system that incorporates Quanterra's proven broadband technology. It utilizes both TCP/IP and UDP/IP networking technology and comes supplied with up to two super rugged field removable USB thumb drives rated for operation from -45 to Continua...
Q330HRSThe Q330HR breaks the 24-bit performance barrier to extend the capability of advanced instrumentation research. It also offers the convenience of a built-in Baler, the same as the Q330S.
Packet Baler 44 (PB44 Field)The Quanterra PB44 Packet Baler is a modular, field-ready high-capacity recording system for the Quanterra Q330 line of broadband data acquisition systems. Supplied with two super rugged field removable USB thumb drives rated for operation from -45 to +75C. The thumb drives do not require special software Continua...
Kinemetrics - Sensors
STS-2.5The STS-2.5 is a portable, high performing, very broad band triaxial seismometer.
SS-1The SS-1 Ranger Seismometer, widely recognized as an excellent short-period field seismometer, is the terrestrial version of the "lunar seismometer."
SBEPI (Shallow Borehole EpiSensor)Model SBEPI (Shallow Borehole EpiSensor) is a cost effective triaxial downhole package useful for shallow borehole installations.
HypoSensorFBA ES-DH is a triaxial downhole package useful for deep borehole instations that uses EpiSensor technology.
EpiSensor ES-U2The ES-U2 is a force balance accelerometer with a uni-axial surface package designed for structural engineering applications.
EpiSensor ES-TThe FBA ES-T is a triaxial surface package that consists of three EpiSensor force balance accelerometer modules--useful for many types of earthquake recording applications.
FBA-3The FBA-3 Force Balance Accelerometer is a high-sensitivity, low-frequency triaxial device suitable for a variety of seismic and structural applications.
Kinemetrics - Seismic Switches
EST-2The EST-2 trigger provides immediate shutdown of elevator systems in the event of a potentially damaging earthquake.
Kinemetrics - Field Processors
MarmotUltra-Low Power Field Data Acquisition for Antelope Network Operators
SlateRugged, Ultra-low Power Field Processor.
Kinemetrics - Software
AntelopeAntelope Environment Monitoring Software is a distributed open-architecture UNIX-based acquisition, analysis and management software system.
ARTeMIS ExtractorThe ARTeMIS Extractor is the effective tool for modal identification of civil engineering structures such as buildings, bridges, dams and offshore structures.
NMS (Network Management System)The (NMS) assists in the collection and storage of event files or continuously transmitted digital data from remote Altus series recorders.
PSD (Power Spectral Density)Engineers will find this program useful as a processing tool. The quality of acquired data can be easily evaluated in the field.
SMAThe Strong Motion Analyst software package (SMA) is a tool designed for earthquake engineers, seismologists and academic researchers to process strong motion accelerograms.